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Each individual client has their own needs and vision when it comes to color. When I am hired to do a color consultation for a client, it is my job to listen to the client then guide them in the color direction he or she may want to go, and also give them some specific suggestions based on color theory, size of the room, the natural light in the room and the feeling they want to experience while in that room, ie. calm vs. exciting, bold vs. subdued. When on a color consult I make suggestions for paint colors, and have the client get those colors and actually paint a one-foot square sample on their walls. I ask them to live with that color through the various times of day; morning, midday, afternoon and evening artificial light. Once a selection of color has been made, the client can complete the painting project themselves or hire me. My main goal is to not only find the right color but to also give the client some direction in their choice.  back to main services page